Importance of Google AdWords course in the current scenario

Google is one of the most crucial search engines almost all business takes place, all information stored in it. Seo is a common factor, and most people on the internet fight for it to rank well in a search engine, although they might lack knowledge in the Google AdWords course. Search result ranking page (SERP)is a combination of organic (SEO) and inorganic (PPC) results. Ranking in google ad words is no easy task either; you have to learn how to use it. For more details and looking for a PPC course in Delhi, we are more interested in giving the best answer to your queries and visiting our office directly. 

Knowing how to do Campaign-

Google AdWords Campaign has various campaigns like search campaigns, shopping campaigns, video campaigns, and more. If you want to learn it properly and better, look for a Google ads course. The campaign is most important and worth pay for enrolling in the course of google ads. If you like to look at google ad words, type it in the google search engine. After that, you can visit the Google ad words website for your better understanding.

Faster and better than SEO –

For Seo, if a lot of people are in your niche, competition will be intense. As a result, ranking organically on search engines is a time-consuming and laborious effort. However, a person can obtain organic results by properly optimizing websites and getting a reputation from authorized websites through backlinking. Still, it takes more time especially long-term work and result-oriented.

Businesses may get results much faster with the Google AdWords course. Competition exists here as well. In addition to the bid money, the good news is that the keyword’s quality score, which includes ad relevancy, landing page experience, and projected CTR, decides the ad’s position.

Budget allocation for ads-

Budget allocation is all about doing ads within budget to run any ads in google search engine. If you can’t understand how to use it or your competitor performs better than you, in the end, it is not helpful and a waste of time, effort. With course knowledge, you will know the importance and some practical experience from it, and most importantly, you have to pick up PPC course from right institution to gain proper knowledge.

To learn how to do Brand awareness-

Previously, Users who used brand awareness more or less achieved through a blind way of advertising in newspapers, billboards, radio, and television. You can approach google AdWords training for better usage of brand awareness.

This technique might have yielded consumer products, but B2B products suffered greatly because communicating promotional messages to a vast audience is useless and costly. Digital advertising, notably google AdWords, has transformed the way firms advertise.

Brands can use Google Adwords to promote their target audience when searching for information about their product category on the search engine. Advertisers can also broaden their reach by targeting visitors on other websites.

Turning visitor into a customer-

Google Ads is best effective lead generation platform on the internet. If your campaigns are correctly set up, they have the potential to send highly focused and qualified leads to your brand website, opt-in form, or other online property. Google Ads also enables a company to target customers who are primarily looking for what they want. This implies that your company’s searches can be regularly adjusted to only customers interested in purchasing your services are directed to your business websites via this platform.

To learn ROI Strategies-

Unlike other marketing tactics, Google Ads requires advertisers to pay only for advertisements that are clicked on. Therefore, when your Google Ads campaigns are optimized, you can achieve a high return on investment (ROI) that you may not have achieved with other tactics. However, this method takes time, and you must constantly test and track your campaigns, which Google ads course is ideal for because it offers all of the data needed to calculate ROI and ads clicked, keywords entered, and cost of clicks.

Some Bidding tactics you might learn from the course

If you want to drive more website visitors, Google advises CPC (cost per click) bidding.

If you want to build brand exposure, Google offers CPM bidding, which stands for “cost per thousand viewable impressions.” You choose fees you’re willing to pay for 1,000 individuals to watch your advertisement in full view with the help of this method. Unfortunately, the bidding method can only find it on the Google Display Network, not the Google Search Network.

When it comes to conversions such as purchases or sign-ups, Google suggests that advertisers employ CPA (cost per action) bidding.

PPC Course Details

An Introduction to pay per click marketing:

  • What is Pay Per Click Marketing?  
  • What Does a Pay Per Click Ad Look Like?  
  • The Origins of Pay Per Click Marketing  
  • The Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising  
  • List of Major Pay Per Click Search Engines  
  • Other Pay-Per-Click Providers  
  • Further Reading

Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation:

  • Success Using Pay Per Click Search Engines 
  • Before You Start  
  • Requirements Gathering  
  • You’re Now Prepared  
  • Pay For Performance Search Engine Models  
  • Microsoft adCenter  
  • Google AdWords

An Introduction to Google AdWords:

  • Features of Google AdWords 
  •  Google AdWords Terminology  
  • Clicks vs. Impressions 
  • AdWords Account Creation  
  • AdWords Distribution Channels  
  • The Google Network  
  • The Google Search Network  
  • The Google Content Network  
  • AdWords Location and Language Targeting  
  • AdWords Region and City Targeting  
  • AdWords Customized Targeting  
  • The Benefits of AdWords  
  • AdWords Editorial Policy  
  • Further Reading

How to Set Up an AdWords Account:

  • Account Set Up Preparation  
  • AdWords Account Structure  
  • AdWords Account Creation 
  •  Use of Multiple Campaigns  
  • AdWords Account Navigation  
  • Further Reading  
  • Assignment 2

An Introduction to Microsoft adCenter (PPC for Bing and Yahoo):

  • MS adCenter Account format  
  • A Typical adCenter Ad  
  • MS adCenter Account Creation  
  • The Microsoft Distribution Network  
  • Further Reading

Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns:

  • What is Keyword Research?  
  • Why is Keyword Research So Important?  
  • Is Keyword Research Different for Pay Per Click Campaigns? 
  • Before You Start  Create a Seed List  Qualify Your Search Terms 
  • Think Logically  
  • Research and Refine  
  • Be Generic, But Not Too Generic  
  • Research Your Competition  
  • Categorize Your Keywords

Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns:

Features of an Effective Landing Page 

Reinforced Ad Message 

Punchy Headings 

Short Paragraphs 

Enticing Copy 

Few Distractions 

Compelling Images 

Calls to Action

 Important Content “Above the Fold” 


Established Visitor Trust 

Foolproof Conversion Process 

Tested, Tweaked and Tested Again

  • Landing Page Case Study  
  • To Sum Up  
  • Further Reading

PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement:

  • What is a Conversion?  
  • What is ROI?  
  • Set Goals for Your Site  
  • Create Navigation Pathways  
  • Tracking Your Visitor Activity  
  • Tracking URLs  
  • Tracking Your Sales / Conversions  
  • How to Calculate Your ROI  
  • Key Site Metrics to Look At Regularly  
  • Further Reading  
  • Final Exam


You do not have to spend money to get a Google ad words certification course. Moreover, google conducting free workshops and content to gain certification, so don’t miss the chance while you are pursuing the google ads courses.