This decade has seen a revolution in the digital world. And since the arrival of the pandemic few years back, there is a surge in digital marketing and e-commerce. Life is unimaginable without phones, tablets and laptops, and definitely the internet. Digital platforms are the doors to all kinds of necessities in life, starting from education to marketing. Even educational institutes need promotion and reach to their audience and for which digital marketing has a significant role to play. 

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. So let us find out what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION. In simple terms, it optimizes a website so that people quickly find it via web pages or search engines like google, bing. Therefore, SEO can be referred to as a set of rules for optimizing your business website to rank higher in search engine results. This increases your brand visibility and promotion, enhances your organic traffic, and finally increases your conversion rates.

How does this work?

The search engines collect information about websites and check their performances. Then, after lots of ratings, they arrange the websites according to a rank that appears in front of the web page when a particular topic is searched.

This ranking cannot be bought by bribing the search engines but has to be gained by putting effort and being better than your peers. This ranking you have to learn and earn for your business. Here is where SEO comes into action. 


The pandemic gave a new variation to learn anything. Today students or even business owners rely mainly on the digital medium to understand technical things. SEO is one such thing that can now be quickly learned online. Seo courses online can be free or paid. However, sometimes you may provide a good amount of still lack understanding of how SEO works and how you can improve your SEO course. Our experts take pride in putting the best SEO course online to your screens. Our courses give a practical experience of on-page and off-page SEO and make you learn the best watchword research methods. 

Many business groups and companies hire experts or consultants from outside to get their websites more search engine optimized. However, learning these particulars by SEO course online puts the risk of trusting unknown sources away. 

What are the benefits of learning SEO courses online?

  1. Generate quality leads- Learning a proper SEO course from us will give you an idea of increasing your organic traffic on sites. You can attract only those buyers who are interested in purchasing your services. This, in turn, turns quality leads into higher conversion rates.
  1. Ease ness of learning- One of the best things about SEO courses online is learning things at your own pace and comfort zone. You can take your time, understand the concepts, use it in your website or blog and then see proven results. Every technological thing and the analytical item becomes easy with such a course.
  1. Staying ahead of the competition- Many companies though providing high-quality products, still cannot reach the general mass due to lack of digital presence. Our experts ensure that whatever you learn from our course, you will apply in real life. You will get an idea about your competition, their strengths, and what measures they are using. SEO channelizes the potential to bring more clients, thereby edging you over your competitor. Also, by having an SEO course, you can understand why few companies are enjoying sudden bloom.
  1. Certification for future references- After having an SEO course from us, you will also be provided with a badge and certificate, which will be very helpful for your career growth. Obiyan infotech being a reputable institute will help you to get extra recognition in your cv. This will make a mark on your employers while hiring you. 

Scope of SEO jobs-

The scope of jobs for SEO has increased significantly. India is proving to be a fast-expanding economy with high promises for digital marketing strategists and SEO experts. Companies understand SEO for their business and how SEO specialists can handle the pressure of such situations. By doing the course that our team will provide, you would be able to do a site assessment, optimization in testing, reporting, and data analysis. Payscale can be from 2LPA to 5 LPA for a typical SEO strategist.

We at Obiyan emphasize becoming more innovative and creative. Therefore, besides SEO training online, we also provide courses for online reputation management, social media marketing, website designing, web development, pay-per-click, etc. Everything of these will significantly help to expand your business and bring substantial profit within a short period. Moreover, the online SEO course that we provide will improve your brand image and visibility because we understand the market and needs of the people in current situations. 

SEO Course Detail

Module 1 : Importance Of Search Engine Optimization

Types of Search Engine 

How the Search Engine Works ?

Understanding the SERP

Using Google Operator to find anything

Indexing, Caching

Search Commands

Google Search Engine Architecture

Search Engine Algorithms

Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Module 2 : Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

What is search engine results page

Analysing, Collecting and Ranking Website Data

Structuring Websites for Search Engine Spiders

Optimizing Pages for Indexing and Ranking on search engines

Website Testing as per Search Engine Guidelines

Web Hosting Types & Installation

Server Optimization as per the Google Search Algorithm

Plugins to Optimize your website for Search

Reporting Competitor Spam

Avoiding Black-Hat Techniques

Module 3 : Keyword Research Advanced

Why we need keyword research

How to research keywords

Type of Keywords

Keyword Research Techniques

Multiple Keyword Research

Google Insights/Trends

How to Choose Right Keywords VIA Trends

Tools to help you analyze keyword

Understanding keyword attributes

Understanding keyword Application Strategies

Ongoing keyword evaluation

Module 4 : WordPress Website Development Basics

Installing WordPress 

Admin Panel Tour

Creating Pages 

Creating Posts 

Forms in WordPress 

SEO and Metatags 

Plugins in WordPress

Module 5 : On Page Optimization

Introduction to On Page Optimization

Importance of Domain Names and age factor in SEO

Usability and User Experience in Website

Onsite Optimization Basics

SEO Content Optimization and Planning

HTML tags Basics for SEO

Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization

HTML Validation using W3C

Coding Best Practices

Filename Optimization

URL Names Optimization

Heading Tags Optimization

Page Title Tags Optimization

Paragraph Tags Optimization

Meta Description Tags Optimization

Bullet Points Optimization

Link Anchor Text Optimization

Image Captions Optimization

Image Names Optimization

Title Attributes Optimization

Alt Attributes Optimization

Page Speed Optimization Tool

Internal Link Statergy

Iframes / Frames effects on SEO

URL Rewrite Techniques

Website Submission to google and Sitemap creation

Using Robot.txt

Malware Removal Guideline

cpanel uses to upload website data

Handling Duplicate Content

Avoiding Content Violations and Penalization

Module 6 : Off Page Optimization ( Link Building )

Introduction to Offsite Optimization

Submission to search engines

What is  Linking Building Methodology

Types of Linking Methods

Free Links / Paid Links

Quality VS Quantity Linking

Difference Between Do Follow & Nofollow

Directory Submission

Local Business Listing (Local SEO)

Social Bookmarking

Article Submission

Press Release

Blog Submission

Forum Postings

Image Submission

PPT Submission 

Video Submissions

Question Answers Portals

Classified Submissions

Forum Submission & applications

Using Blogs for SEO

Blog Commenting

Infographics Submission

Tracking the Links

Linking of Dynamic Websites

Authority Checkers – How to Analyze

Module 7 : Local SEO

What is Google Local Business 

Google Local registrations, verification & installation process 

How to rank website in local searches

Get Ranking on Local Keywords

How to Increase reviews STAR Rankings

Optimizing your Website for local search

The future of local search

Module 8 : International SEO

Understanding International SEO

Optimizing Website for international audiences

Optimizing translated and localized content

How to Build links for an international audience

Analyzing and measuring an international SEO campaign

What to Avoid for International seo strategy

Module 9 : Google Algorithm

Why understand google algorithms

How to be updated

Top Google Algorithms

Google Algorithms Changes 2020-21

Module 10 : SEO Tools

Why use Seo Tools

Top SEO Tools

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Website SEO Audit Tools

Wesbite Link Checking Tools

Plagiarism Checking Tools

Authority Checking Tools

Competitor Analysis tools

Module 11: Google Search Console

How to setup Google Webmaster tool

What is XML Sitemap , Robots.Txt

Using the Google Search Console

How to find and improve website errors , crawl errors

Managing HTML Improvements

How to index a link fast

How to request removal of bad links from google search

Canonical issues

Module 12: Google Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

Setting Up Google Analytics

Goal Setup & Tracking

Geo Tracking

Keyword Tracking

Referral Tracking

Goal Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Monitoring Dwell Times

Usability Key Performance Indicators

Google Analytics Terminology ( Bounce Rates, Session etc,)

How to analyse  User Engagement

Testing Mobile Usability with Google Chrome

Testing Usability with Google Experiments

Module 13: Websites Structuring and Analyses

Why Website structuring is important

National Websites Structuring

Structuring Websites for International Structuring Websites 

Website Url Structure 

Creating Search Engine Friendly Links

Blog structure 

E-Commerce Website Structuring

Types of Redirects 

Maintaining Page Authority with 301 Redirects

Module 14: Mobile Sites SEO

Why Mobile Websites ?

SEO Strategies for Mobile Websites

SEO Tools for Mobile Websites

SEO Plugins for Mobile Websites

Ranking Strategies for Mobile Websites